Ron Mueck, Mask II, 2001-2002


Barbara Kruger


James Nizam - Trace Heavens (2011-12)

1. Drill Holes through Studio Wall

2. Shard of Light

3. Thought Form (Fan)


Juha Arvid Helminen

Deaths Comfort

"Breathing. What a joy it is. To feel the air of life in your body an soul. Keeping a positive mind and a reason to continue. The ability to walk and function. A gift of gold from the heavens. Although we tend to challenge this ability an put it on lifes edge. Take a pill or a blade an see how it reacts. This chemical dilemma in my brain and these wounded, suffered feelings my body and mind is dealing. Where is the light when nothing is right? Time is getting hard only few can understand. I look at death and think well meet one day, why not give me your hand. We can walk for a bit. Only for the moment till its time for me to sit."